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Wardour Studios is a full-service studio for film, TV, and commercial production with a campus like environment of entertainment interests working collectively providing a supportive, synergistic environment for the growing independent elements of the entertainment business.

Wardour Studios serves the creative industry, and is widely considered Hollywood’s premier independent movie studio. Wardour Studios’ services include production from script to screen for

film,  TV, and commercial production.


Wardour Studios Production Services offers a variety of production services ranging from set lighting and grip to property and special effects are available for productions on or off studio lots.

Wardour Studios Post Production Services partners with your production to provide you a full service post production facilities and creative talent for both television and feature projects. Services include dailies, sound editorial, sound mixing, ADR, laybacks, color correction, online editing, visual effects, titling, avid room and equipment rentals, stock footage, DI finishing, and theater rentals / projection.  

Convenient on lot access to all facilities and services, along with centralized data I/O, shipping, and receiving centers to provide the complete media management solution.

Wardour Digital Effects specializes in Visual Effects, Animation & Design, and partners with your production to provide you with some of the world’s top creative talents and best technologies. Wardour Digital Effects delivers outstanding, award-winning visual effects and animation.

Wardour Digital Effects provides worldwide services such as:

​Pre Viz, Rigging, Photogrammetry, Camera Tracking, Matchmove, Look Development, Layout, Animation,  Crowd Sims,  Fur and Feathers, Muscle Sims, Talking Animals, Cloth and Skin Sims, Matte Painting, Lighting.