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Maradonia: A Mermaid's Tale

PG  2021 ‧ Fiction/Adventure ‧ 2h 15m

​Status: In Development

Director: Lee Baker

Production company: 

Wardour Hollywood Pictures

Paralight Films


Michael Diller

Maradonia, Feature Film Project Manager​


Maradonia: A Mermaid's Tale


Joey witnesses as his sister, Maya, is swept away in a violent hurricane storm. 3 years later, Joey is trying to deal with the passing of his sister. Joey decides to skip school and finds himself caught entombed in a cave when a landslide seals the cave entrance. While looking for an alternate way out of the cave, Joey finds himself in a magical world called ‘Maradonia’, which is inhabited by magical mythical creatures. Maradonia is full of turmoil as it is in peril from the evil King Apollyon. Joey finds himself in the midst of a revolution and he must help the mermaid queen stop King Apollyon from conquering the Pillars of Gurges, the last doorway that connects Maradonia and Joey’s home world.